Back to Paros     June 13 – 14, 2016 We leave Amorgos. We said our goodbye’s to Georgia last night and hope the summer will provide another chance to see her. I am grateful for Skype and the Internet. It is a downwind sail after we turn the corner…fast, flat and relatively warm. A following sea gives us that extra umph!

is dating your 6th cousin bad We arrive mid afternoon. Dinner is planned tonight with our friends Jerome and Reinhart, who are renting a house on Paros next to the Margarita House. As the afternoon progresses and the weather worsens, plans change. It might be a manageable dinghy ride out but a rough one home tonight from dinner. We reassess and decide to move the get-together to lunch tomorrow.

paruvendu 56 rencontre Two AM comes and lightening flashes mark the night sky…Tom sleeps peacefully in his bunk. No problem, I am on duty to ‘monitor’ trouble. Someone must take charge of the ‘hand-wringing!’

site de rencontres gratuit pour catholiques site de rencontre mariage maroc June 14, 2016

best dating sites over 50 uk  Weather is definitely improving. Marcelo picks up Jerome and Reine in the dinghy for a visit to the boat then the four of us head to Ciparos for lunch. Love this restaurant. I am addicted to the sardines and lentil dish. Who knew that I could like sardines? As a child, they came in cans…tasteless and oily. This is a whole new experience. Now I understand why Marcelo likes them. Once again, our visit with Jerome and Reine is filled with interesting conversation and shared interests.

kenneth san jose and bailey sok dating Hurrah, Jerome is cooking tonight at Margarita House! It will be a simplified version of the meal he created last week. Spring rolls, an amazing salad, chicken or eggplant curry, and a wonderful pastry with ice cream and caramel drizzle make the evening great. Mid-meal Jerome runs out of propane for the two-burner stove on which he is creating this fabulous meal. Like most older propane stoves, there is no gauge. When you run out, you run out! It requires Reine and Margarita House’s owner’s son to go to drive to town to buy more propane. Jerome pulls through like a trouper! Propane arrives and he continues on to complete a gourmet evening. Bravo!

click this over here now We invite Jerome and Reine to sail tomorrow to Syros but the lack of a return ferry and their scheduled trip to Anti-Paros on the weekend foil that plan. Hopefully, we will see them in London.

how to tell if a girl is still dating her boyfriend Tom, Marcelo and I troop down a convenient set of stairs to the beach. With Tom’s arthritis and my troubled vision, this is a blessing.

[Note to children: Yes, I have a flashlight that you count on me to carry…along with a charged cell phone and any number of items that might be useful if we are caught in a bizarre current and drift to Portugal. You do know me!]

Our dinghy is tied to a tree and pulled up on the beach. Pants rolled up and flip-flops aboard, we wade in, push the dinghy out to deeper water and climb aboard. I carry a gift parcel from Jerome and Reine containing a bottle of zuma (a type of grappa) and another bottle of the lovely rose wine that we all enjoyed. As I put the bottle in the boat’s frig, I notice a handwritten note from Jerome on the bottle.

“Always remember Paros. June 2016. Jerome & Reine.” (with a heart!)

Great evening!

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    1. You know me so well, Serene. I hardly ever read my posts. So nice to know you are reading the blog. Love you!

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