Back to Syros        June 15 – 17, 2016

Pakilar is close hauled. Winds are 17 -18 then 20+ knots. It is a perfect wind for us as we make our way to Syros. A confused sea…waves coming from different directions…but otherwise a great sail.

It’s midday when we arrive. Batteries are coming tomorrow. Quiet evening on the boat in anticipation of a big work day tomorrow.

Thanasis on the dock this afternoon in lime green shirt with blue piping, navy shorts and matching shoes. Bella Figura! As capable and welcoming as ever, it is good to see him.

Run the usual errands along the harbor front to laundry and our favorite specialty store. While we are doing repairs, we decide to replace a few of our fans as hot weather approaches. We head to Maistrali Marine (Karnagio – Hermoupolis, 84100 Syros; Tel. 22810 82478 Mob: 6932 560 228 email:   www. Makis Stathopoulos) Tons of marine and other items in this shop. Fans will come by ferry tomorrow…shocking on the quick turnaround.

We notice signs for a “Tango Festival” at the Opera House. We are all up for seeing an event at the opera house, a mini-La Scala that we can understand. Dance is a universal language. Love the tango…but who doesn’t?!

Partial View of Opera House in Syros
Partial View of Opera House in Syros
Partial view of ceiling at the Syros Opera House
Partial view of ceiling at the Syros Opera House

June 16, 2016

It’s 8am and our batteries are delivered via forklift to the quay. Each of the 4 batteries weighs 53 kilos. Marcelo has rigged a pulley system that we use to remove our old batteries from under our settee and bring in their new replacements. His system is simple and effective. Padding in key areas prevents the potential for a random ding. Tom and I alternate between winching to lift the batteries from the boat or shore and guiding them as needed. Tom and I try to help Marcelo as much as two old people can. We are finished by noontime. Batteries, palate and cardboard are recycled with Thanasis’ help. We are repaired and pristine! Feeling good but melting a bit in the heat. Marcelo picks up our new fans at the marine store. We are looking good! Out for lunch today at one of the many outdoor restaurants here.

 June 17, 2016

Desperately need a hairdresser to disguise my gray hair. Finding a place “away” that a woman can trust to color your hair is a bit nerve wracking. I have stood outside many places in Greece and Turkey trying to get the courage to commit and enter. [Note: That is why women keep their hairdressers for decades, once they find a good one…and their hairdressers “Do Know Everything!”] I hear it is “not easy being green” (Kermit the Frog) so I select the salon that I have previously scoped out and trusted to do a wash and blow dry. (Tel. 22810 76580) Card is in Greek (EAEYOEPIA KAAAOAKH Hair stylist Bokotonouhou 2, Syros). It is a single person shop near the Carrefour, near the quay. Call to get better directions. She speaks English well. Excellent job! Busy lady…at least 3 local women come in for similar repairs.

My assignment for today, now that I am beautiful once again, is to get tickets to the Tango Festival.  There are three days of performances and lots of local sponsors.

Fabulous, fabulous! These are internationally famous tango dancers…5 Argentine couples and a Greek couple. It is an amazing performance and my hands are red from clapping. This was a quality production…no lightweights in the group. I see tango lessons in my future…with my walker. “Bravo, Ermoupolis, for sponsoring such a first rate production!”

Dinner at Kouzina Restaurant (5 Androu St. Hermoupolis, Syros Tel: 22810 89150, 6972460346). Excellent! Love those sesame spring rolls and chicken with feta.

Dessert called "Nirvanha" ...and it Kuzzina Restaurant in Syros
Dessert called “Nirvanha” …and it is…at Kuzzina Restaurant in Syros

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